2 sticks, some string, & an odd Jackal

01 January, 2007

So uhm........ yeah

First of all I'd like to thank the Academy. And of course my cats. It's really such an honour to be given a JenLa award. Hell, it was an honour just to be nominated. You like me!! You really like me!!

Yeah, ok. New year, New blog. I'm packing this one room shit hole up and moving it. I spent ALL DAY today picking just the right theme. I could have been knitting a sock you know. I SHOULD have been knitting that sock. It's for me after all. So bite me...... I'm taking a knit break. Then I'll finish this post.


Alright. New address. I guess you want a new address. You gonna bring booze or something? Or just a potted plant from the Chevron station.

Here I am!!!