2 sticks, some string, & an odd Jackal

17 October, 2006

WIP........ Girlfriend shrug.

Please try not to notice that I took this on my glass coffee table and my floor is dirty and you can see my feet.

This is the Girlfriend Shrug from ........ www.thegarterbelt.com I had to think about that. It's like 7:30 in the morning and I'm still on cup #1 of my morning allowance of coffee.

It's knitted in a fingering/sock weight acrylic yarn on 2.75MM Inox circs. This is a yarn I picked up from a Dutch site similar to Ebay. It's not a bad yarn at all. It's got a touch of shimmer to it. I still hate the never-ending stockinette though. But I'm in the middle of a ton of audio-books..... so it's all good right?
This is the cuff detail. Instead of 1x1 ribbing, I just did it in this slightly sparkly fun-furish stuff. It really doesn't look bad and perfect for a 5 year old blonde darling. I'll also use the black for around the top and bottom of the body-opening. I have to say, this is a well-written, easy to follow pattern. Not too complicated, but not too easy. This would be good for someone wanting to step up from scarves.

Obligatory cat picture. Tillie loves me but wants to kill you. I'm not sure why.

She only likes me. TallDutchie is ok if I'm on the other side of the country or something like that. But she loves me. Her sister not so much.