2 sticks, some string, & an odd Jackal

11 August, 2006

Catch up post. part 2

Ok, next project. Please refrain from calling me insanely masochistic at this time. Talk to me next month about that little kink, ok?? Thanks.

Hazel Carter's Shetland Lace Shawl from A Gathering of Lace.

Yeah, that is one hell of a second lace project.

As a matter of fact, it IS knitted in cobweb weight yarn, thanks for pointing that out.

Why yes, it DOES take *2 FUCKING KILOMETERS* of yarn. You're really helping here.

No, I'm sure I didn't need to know that I can walk to the shopping center by my house about 5 times round trip and still probably have yarn left over. Don't you have something to knit? Or spin?

No, I don't have a current picture of my progress, let's just say I'm further behind that I should be and I'm seeing at least one all-nighter.

Yes, I'm knitting on a deadline. I mean, I could TRY to talk to the baby and see if we can delay the grand entrance, but then my Immigration lawyer may not like me any more and THEN what would I do??

Yeah, I see your point. I could be considered insane in most First World Countries. BUT I LIVE IN THE NETHERLANDS!! You think they named this place cause it sounded cool?? Think again, silly human.

This is the closeup of the edging. Being lace, it looks like ass. And that is my petite little red cell phone that *gasp* makes calls and does text messages. AND THAT'S ALL IT DOES. I'm so retro.
I'm getting there. I do like the Jamison and Smith Cobweb though. It's sweeeeeeeeeeet. And Hazel Carter makes the Marquis DeSade look like a limp wristed pantywaist. I love her.

Now, off to go knit spiderwebs with toothpicks.