2 sticks, some string, & an odd Jackal

11 November, 2006

Not knitting but oh well

For those not in the know about Dutch schools...... The kids go home for lunch and a class having 2 teachers isn't unusual.

So yesterday, I go to pick up WeeDutchie for lunch. I'm standing outside the school, shooting the breeze with one of the other mothers and WD's class comes out the door. WD is visibly upset and crying and Juf Brenda is standing right beside him. I go over and he starts telling me about how his arm is hurt and in true kid fashion, gong way too fast. Brenda wants me to go inside and talk about what happened. Between him talking non-stop, and her speaking rapid-fire Dutch even after I ask her to slow down, all I get is that he threw a block at another kid and she wanted him to go back into class to sit in time-out and somehow in all that mess, he hurt his arm.

I can tell him arm is truly hurting, so I take him home, where TallDutchie is at home for the day, so we can get this straight.

After both of us talking with WeeDutchie and TallDutchie calling the school, we get most of the story. Yes, he threw a block at another kid. She took him by the arm to take him into the class and in typical 6 year old fashion, he flopped on the ground. However, she didn't let go of his arm and he proceeded to flop at lease 2 more times. Which then resulted in A DISLOCATED ELBOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We took him to the doctor and ended up in the ER to get it fixed.

Now I'm fully aware that he was being an ass by flopping. And that kids can move quicker than we can most time. If it had happened on the first flop, I would have chalked it up to pure accident. However, the fact that she KEPT holding on to his arm and was holding on hard enough to dislocate the elbow?? Furious doesn't cover it. I've already been on the phone with the Head and we're having a conference about this Wednesday. If I'm not happy with what I hear, I'll put him in another school ASAP.

Last year, he had a different teacher and I know his behaviour was worse...... and this never happened. I frankly don't want her near my kid anymore. So we'll see what happens Wednesday.