2 sticks, some string, & an odd Jackal

24 January, 2006

I'm so bad

I don't update this like I should. I'm just a little down lately. The political climate and attitudes towards immigrants here in the Netherlands is sinking faster than the Titanic. Fun Fun let me tell you. Nothing like being told that you are sub-human. It has made me re-think some of my attitudes towards immigrants in my home country however. And I can't get back there quick enough. Anyway, on to the knitting.

Those socks are kicking my ass. And I haven't even gotten to the heel turn yet!! Gauge problem after gauge problem............ blah blah blah. Not giving up, though.

I gave in to the insanity and signed up for The Knitting Olympics . I'm gonna give lacework a try and decided on This . It's pretty and I'm insane. I have to go to the market either this Saturday or next and see if I can find some sultry grey laceweight yarn.

Thanks and sincere appreciation to JenLa for the awesome Knitting Olympic tags. Their blog is one of my new favorite reads. And it appears that Jen has moved to GA. Wh00t!! Maybe I'll get a chance to meet her when I get back home.

Anyway........ still a lot of work to do on this blog before I'm happy with it. I need to do a 100 things page and guess do a background post.

Ya'll have a damn fine day and keep those needles clacking.